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72.50 CAD

The Open Therapy Speed (OTS) Shoe is designed to treat Navicular Disease and bony column disorders by providing no resistance to break-over (the source of most heel pain).

This is the concept of Dr. Richard Mansmann of North Carolina. The shoe is based on the OT shoe with an enhanced roll starting just behind the center of the shoe. There is a slight break in the heels to ease the landing. The full heel section enables the farrier to make the shoe a full roller if required.


  • A low profile front pattern “T” shoe for horses or ponies used to speed
  • Allows finer nailing for horses with thinner walls
  • Radically reduces hoof capsule, tendon, and leg stress prior to break-over
  • Excellent for weak heels providing palmar support while easing break-over
  • Medial rail provides ease of lateral motion.
  • With frog support, the T Shoe can be used successfully to treat laminitis.
  • Seven (7) nail holes.

Sizes Available:

  • 4 = 4 1/4” Wide x 4 7/8” Long, comparable to size 000
  • 5 = 4 1/2” Wide x 4 7/8” Long, comparable to size 00
  • 6 =  4 3/4″ Wide x 4 3/4″Long, comparable to size 0
  • 7 =  5″ Wide x 5″ Long, comparable to size 1

Made in the USA.

Sold per pair (2 shoes).