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67.00 CAD

Dr. A’s favourite therapeutic horseshoe to mechanically relieve strain on the ligaments stabilizing the internal foot, navicular, and DDFT’s (deep digital flexor tendon) gliding surface.

The graduated forward break-over allows horses to stand at angles comfortable to them, from flat to as much as 4 degrees.  As the horse advances to the ‘posterior phase of its stride’ where the foot is positioned beneath and behind his shoulder, it smooths break-over from the snap traditionally with a flat shoe to a graduated roll forward, minimizing the maximal strain of the DDFT on the Navicular preceding break-over.

The inner rim facilitates full break-over in all directions but with more traction than with smoother break-over shoes like the Colleoni Full Roller, or the PLR (wedged) or PLR (flat)  by Natural Balance.  This Colleoni TR is most similar, but with greater mechanical advantage and relief than the Steel Avanti Shoe which shares the graduated break-over and inner rim.  I like transitioning from TRs to Avantis when suitable recovery permits a slightly less aggressive and less costly shoe.

Made with strong aircraft aluminum.  The lighter weight allows maximal mechanical advantage using thicker stock than steel would allow.  A shoe typically lasts affording a reset (more commonly than softer aluminum alternatives).  Similarly, the quality blocked heels permit threading standard short studs for traction when needed on ice or mud without needing stainless steel thread inserts needed in softer aluminum shoes.

Manufactured in Italy.  E or E-Head Slim-type nail heads are optimal fits.

Sold per pair (2 shoes).